Got Green & COVID-19

Building People Power for Emergency Justice


Now, more than ever, we need to lift up community-based strategies to take on the many crises we face — from the pandemic and economic devastation to climate change.  As exposure to pollution increases ones chance of dying from coronavirus (disproportionately impacting communities of color), we know we need bold, multi-issue solutions.  Got Green’s history of organizing working-class communities of color for environmental, economic, and racial justice has prepared us for this moment.


Centering the visionary needs of our many communities, Got Green is fighting to win a robust and dignified social safety net and transition to an economy that nourishes our collective health and well-being.   We are doing so with our Emergency Justice platform that calls on Governor Jay Inslee, as well as county officials and mayors across WA State, to use emergency powers to address the COVID-19 pandemic in the following ways (text only)….

We invite you to participate in Got Green’s Emergency Justice work in the following ways…


Support Got Green’s Emergency Justice platform by signing our petition.


Attend one of Got Green’s weekly Emergency Justice events online.


Contribute a meaningful gift to support Got Green’s work

For More Updates:  We encourage folks to follow Got Green on social media for more up-to-date information (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) about our Emergency Justice work in response to the pandemic. For example: action alerts, survival resources, analysis and art, as well as education opportunities.   


Got Green expresses our appreciation for the emergency action that has taken place thus far: moratorium on evictions & utility shut-offs, no fare enforcement on public transit, expansion of food security dollars, and more.  All of this was made possible due to public outcry and our histories of demanding justice. We know that WA State and local governments can/must do more.  




Resources About COVID-19


Government Info – Information from Washington StateKing County, and the City of Seattle.  There are a variety of government programs to assist folk in making it through and recovering from these times.   We will try our best to share gov. updates on our social media — eg: new concessions and benefits made available.




Community Resources – The COVID-19 Mutual Aid Solidarity Network is an excellent resource that uses social media to share information about how community members are sharing resources as well as volunteer. Their instagram.




Food for the People! – Our friends at WA-BLOC and FEEST are doing powerful work to make sure young people and their families safely get access to food as school is out of session — this includes providing food outside schools as well as food deliveries.  Request groceries and volunteer to deliver.  Thank you to our friends.




Resources for Workers – We recommend checking out WA State Labor Council‘s information about worker rights and resources in the midst of COVID-19. Additioanlly, MLK Labor Council‘s page is helpful as well.



NEWS :: The People & COVID-19


Gov. Inslee Places Moratorium on Evictions
KIRO Seattle — After Seattle’s suspension on residential/commercial evicitions — all of WA State will not have residential evictions.




Coronavirus & Tacoma’s Detention Center
Time Magazine — Tacoma’s privatized NW Detention Center is on the brink of a coronavirus outbreak — all jails, prisons, and detention centers are a public health atrocity.  Please follow the inspiring work of our friends at La Resistencia doing powerful work to stop detention & deportaions.




In Response to COVID-19, $5mil in Grocery Vouchers
City of Seattle —  Families will receive $800 for essential groceries, this will go to families enrolled in city-subsidized child care and food-assistance programs This builds on Got Green’s history of fighting for food security — if you want Fresh Bucks (ie: food dollars) please message us –




Suspension of Public Transit Fare Enforcement 
Seattle PI — Temporarily, King County Metro and Sound Transit will suspend fare enforcement and take proactive measures to sanitize and clean public transportation.  Let’s fight to make sure public transit is free forever.




Green Jobs Are The Answer to the Coronavirus Recession
The New Republic  — Instead of a corporate bailout, the federal government can enact a green jobs guarantee providing good-paying, stable, and healthy work to anyone that needs it.   Additionally, analysis here about the economic/health crisis and how a Green New Deal can be the people and planet’s bailout that we need.  From targeted local hire to green pathways, Got Green has long fought for dignified green jobs as a means to address climate change, poverty, and racism.

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