Through grassroots pressure and powerful coalition building, Seattle passed a Sugary Beverage Tax and is the first city to have the tax revenue be invested in Food Security Programs!

How will the tax benefit our community?

Got Green welcomes the City of Seattle’s proposed Sugary Beverage Tax (SBT), because of the plan to reinvest the revenue in expanded programs that close the food security gap for working families. We are in support of investments which lift our communities out of poverty.

Households in the food security gap are simply unable to afford putting healthy food on their tables. These families earn too much to qualify for assistance programs like Fresh Bucks, but earn too little to pay for the rising cost of healthy food along with the rising cost of living in Seattle.

The City wants the cost of soda to go up so we will drink less of it. If we drink less, we can reduce the disproportionate burden of diabetes, obesity and other health risks in our communities. In addition, the money raised from the tax will come back to our communities through promoting & increasing access to healthy foods and closing the food security gap.

The American Beverage Association has spent billions of dollars to defeat a sugary beverage tax in the U.S, so we want to debunk the myths and let you know the truth.

Please read the attached Sugary Beverage Tax FAQ Sheet!
(click image below to read full hand out).

Screenshot of SBT flyer 

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