It is with a heavy heart to share with you that this is my last month at Got Green as Executive Director. It has been such a journey to grow together with this organization. When I joined in 2009 as a volunteer, I did not know anything about climate change nor see myself as a leader. I’m so glad that I was organized by Michael Woo and found a political home with Got Green!

In my time as the Executive Director, this is a list of some of my accomplishments:

  • Incorporation: Leading Got Green into a merger with Community Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ), solidifying itself as its own non-profit organization with the mission to organize for environmental justice.
  • Budget: Growing the organization’s budget size from $350K (2013) to $1 million (2021).
  • Benefits: Growing the organization with a focus on hiring from the local community and ensuring pro-worker wages and benefits to meet the needs of the staff and their families, especially during this time of pandemic – for example: a minimum base salary of $73k and a thirty hour work week without compromising pay.
  • Urban-Rural Solidarity: Hosting Just Transition assemblies with Community to Community, developing a long-term rural and urban worker solidarity partnership.
  • Movement Building: Part of the founding of Front and Centered, drafting of the climate justice principles, and deepening relationships with unions and environmental justice community groups.
  • Inside Strategy: Serving as Co-Chair of the City of Seattle Equity and Environment Initiative, helping created the EJ Fund, and developing the new Frontline Communities section of the King County Climate Action Plan.
  • People Power: Campaigns and projects that have occurred during my time include: Targeted Local Hire, Healthy Food for All (Fresh Bucks), Young Workers in the Green Economy Project / Green Pathways, Our People Our Planet Our Power, and Green New Deal for Seattle



My plan after Got Green will be dedicating my life towards grassroots organizing for the National Democratic movement in the Philippines. My homeland is considered the 2nd most dangerous place for land defenders and indigenous farmers, who have been terror-tagged by the US-backed Duterte regime, many being murdered or illegally arrested for their opposition to large scale mining, land-grabbing, increased militarism, and extrajudicial killings under this presidency. Despite all this, the Filipino people are resolute to keep fighting until the Philippines is truly free. I too will continue organizing in the community and serving the people with whatever strength I can muster.

Got Green has endorsed the Philippines Human Rights Act (PHRA), a bill re-introduced by Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA), which cuts US military aid to the Philippines and calls for an investigation on human rights violations. You too can support this work by endorsing the PHRA and joining the Duterte Wakasan na Rally & Carnival on July 31st at Othello Park, to End the Duterte Regime by any means possible, organized by BAYAN Seattle and the Malaya Movement.



While it saddened me to make the decision to leave Got Green, I am proud of us and all of the work we have done to carry out our mission for environmental justice. I know that the organization will be in the capable hands of our very dedicated Board of Directors and staff. As Got Green will not be immediately hiring an interim Executive Director, the organization will deeply be reflecting on and designing our future organizational strategy and structure prior to hiring new leadership positions.  This process will be facilitated by a long-time friend of the organization, Kim Powe, who will support Got Green as a short-term organizational consultant. Know that my heart will always be with Got Green and environmental justice.

As Got Green will be going through a time of transition, the organization will be momentarily scaling back on campaigns and outwardly facing activities. Please have patience with us as we move through this time.  I hope that our paths will continue to cross and our movement will continue to flourish. Let us keep moving forward and keep organizing for a better world!


With Love and Solidarity,
Jill Mangaliman


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