“We wanted to create a signature fundraising event that could tap into Got Green’s strengths and us an “each one-reach one style” of grassroots giving,” said Green-A-Thon organizer, Kristyn Joy. “We hope the Green-A-Thon does just that. It draws on our experience with door-to-door outreach in communities of color; brings in energy efficiency and green messaging; and gives our volunteers and community supporters a concrete way to fundraise and involve their friends and family.”

The Green-A-Thon rolls out on Saturday, October 13th as Got Green aims to put 75 volunteers on the streets of Rainier Beach and Skyway delivering CFL lighbulbs and other energy-saving devices to 500-600 households. We will talk with our communities about saving money in our homes, while doing our part to save the planet!

Through the Green-A-Thon, Got Green will bring hundreds of new families of color and low income families into the movement for a new green economy – offering a vision of how “going green” can lead to equity and opportunity in the form of living wage jobs and affordable, healthy food!

A grassroots committee of 12 is striving to raise $15,000 from individual donors, small businesses, and partner organizations. In this continuing sluggish economy – when access to traditional funding has dried up – the Green-A-Thon is yet another way that Got Green is showing its ability to be creative in its organizing and adapt to new conditions.

Sign up today to be a TEAM CAPTAIN; EVENT SPONSOR; or make a PERSONAL DONATION to the Green-A-Thon. Join the Green Wave and support Got Green today!

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