Got Green is co-anchoring with our sister organization, Community to Community, the first ever  Pacific Northwest Just Transition Assembly, August 13-15th. REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/SummerofOurPowerPNW 

Come learn and support the priorities of impacted communities of color when it comes to climate justice and building the next economy. All participants will engage in dialogues about race, class, gender and ending interlocking oppression. Bring your lived experience, your truth, and your best thinking as we grow our next economy in the Pacific Northwest Region. Our Assembly will be an intentional space led by People of Color and people of color led organization. It will be family-centered with appropriate and welcoming children’s spaces. Come and celebrate healthy local food, political conversations, and movement building!

Got Green believes that in order to address the root causes of environmental racism, institutional and systemic injustice, economic and gender oppression – frontline communities most impacted are the voices we need to listen to and uplift for the solutions that will benefit us all.

This assembly is part of a series of regional assemblies taking place nationally hosted by members of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and launches the summer of our power. Through this process, we aim to sharpen and deepen the conversations across the movement as a whole, bringing depth and complexity to the idea of a Just Transition to the Next Economy, that meets the needs of the people and the planet. This assembly is connected to parallel processes, including the Our Power Campaign, as well as leading up to mass movements related to the UN Conference on Climate Change conversations in Paris at the end of this year. We need a Just Transition in the US that is connected to the global struggle for justice. What it looks like and how we get there is the conversation we hope to have in Bellingham and in the upcoming Just Transition assemblies.  http://bit.ly/SummerofOurPowerPNW 

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