UPDATE 9/1/2016  Check out the full program here: https://www.gotgreenseattle.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/GotGreenJTA2-Program.pdf

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We are living through a profound political moment, characterized by the economic crisis, the ecological crisis and the crisis of empire. A moment where political and economic institutions ruthlessly treat our communities and planet as disposable, entities that can just be thrown away. We experience this through an increase in state violence, unemployment, displacement, and climate change that storms through our neighborhoods and homelands.

We believe that in order to address the root causes of these crises, frontline communities most impacted by environmental racism, institutional and systemic injustice, economic and gender oppression, are the voices we need to listen to and uplift for the solutions that will benefit us all.

We need to build the different road– towards an economy that is better for people and the planet, new ways of practicing democracy, being stewards of the Earth’s resources, holding our differences while sharing common values and principles. The process in which we challenge the extractive economy and create our own solutions and alternatives is through Just Transition.

In the tradition of People’s Movement Assemblies, Got Green and Community to Community are hosting the 2nd PNW Just Transition Assembly to continue developing a long term regional strategy for the Next Economy in the Pacific Northwest. We plan to have 200 participants from Vancouver BC, Oregon, and Washington. The Assembly will be a bilingual space in both Spanish and English, with political education panels and tracks, healing and arts space, shared meals and music.

Schedule for the Just Transition Weekend 

* Be advised space for the PNW Just Transition Assembly is intended for People of Color and organizations/collectives/groups led by People of Color. The space will be majority People of Color with some White Allies who will have received personal invitations. We encourage Youth, QTPOC, and folks with disabilities to attend and will create an inclusive, accessible, and empowering space to the best of our ability.

* We suggest sliding scale $10- $100 for registration, and no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. The assembly will be translated in both ENGLISH and SPANISH. REGISTER LINK



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