Dear Community

It’s been a heavy week for many of us. Though the local election results were hopeful, we could not ignore how the presidential results impacted us. So many questions and unknowns, especially concern and fear about the safety of ourselves, our neighbors and loved ones.  

But, all of this is not new. Violence, misogyny, racism, xenophobia have always existed in the United States since its creation. The presidential election of Donald Trump has only exposed what was there all along, only now it is more blatant and aggressively out there. 

More than ever we need to organize. More than ever, we need to take care of each other and support each other. We need to continue to defend our communities against deportations, militarized police, gentrification, and climate disasters.

Today, Got Green joins with others around the country for #Our100 – a call to action coming from 100 national women of color leaders for 100 hours of action. Together with women and trans people of color in Seattle, we reaffirm our commitment to Black Lives Matter, No New Youth Jail, Not 1 More deportation, Housing Justice, Standing Rock, and a Just Transition for our people and Mother Earth.  

From Women & Trans POC Healing Cipher & #our100seattle Action Photo Credit: Sharon Chang

We won’t run away. We won’t give up in creating a world where black and brown people, queer and trans people, disabled people, immigrants, muslims, indigenous people can live with dignity and self-determination.  

I want to thank all those who got up this morning to face the day, to feel and to hope with us, to rage, to organize, and to build this movement together.


In solidarity and love,

Jill Mangaliman
Executive Director of Got Green


PS Check out more photos by Sharon Chang from the Women & Trans POC Healing Cipher & #our100seattle action


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