In the Spring of 2016 the Young Leaders in the Green Movement hosted a Lunch & Learn with Council Member Lisa Herbold. The Lunch & Learn was a venue for the Young Leaders to speak to community members and council members about the importance of the Young Leader’s Green Pathways campaign. A campaign that calls on the creation of more internships opportunities,

That are good for the environment and our communities at the same time.

That have a racial equity lens in their outreach and ways to retain participants.

This includes paying a living wage.

Have systems in place to help young adults move into career pathways

Now the Young Leaders in the Green Movement have partnered with Council Member Mike O’Brien and Council Member Lisa Herbold to write a resolution to ask the city of Seattle to follow the tenants of the Green Pathways Campaign. 

Please join us at the first of two meetings to get this resolution passed!! 

Friday, SEPT 23rd 2016 9:30am- 10:30am

City Hall- Council Chambers -Council Member Lisa Herbold’s Civil Rights, Utilities, and Economic Development & Arts Committee Meeting- 600 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122


In addition please show your support by calling and emailing your respective council member the week before and the day of the meeting. In your correspondence please ask them to vote YES! on the Green Pathways Resolution and to attend Council Member Lisa Herbold’s committee meeting, SEPT 23rd

When calling or emailing feel free to use the following script:

Dear Council Member _____ (Phone/email found below)

My name is __________ and I live in the _____ neighborhood. I believe you should vote YES on the green pathways resolution and I ask you to attend Council Member Lisa Herbold’s August 9th Civil Rights, Utilities, and Economic Development & Arts committee meeting because low income young adults of color deserve living wage internship opportunities that create career pathways that are simultaneously good for the community and the environment. Thank you!

District 1(West Seattle, South Park)                             District 2 (Georgetown, South Seattle)

Lisa Herbold                                                                                Bruce Harrell

Phone: 206-684-8803                                                                 Phone: 206-684-8804

Email: lisa.herbold@seattle.gov                                              Email: bruce.harrell@seattle.gov


District 3 (Central Seattle)                                                District 4 (Northeast Seattle)

Kshama Sawant                                                                        Rob Johnson

Phone: 206-684- 8016                                                                 Phone: 206-684- 8808

Email: kshama.sawant@seattle.gov                                       Email: rob.johnson@seattle.gov


District 5 (North Seattle)                                                       District 6(Northwest Seattle)

Debra Juarez                                                                               Mike O’Brien

Phone: 206-684-8805                                                                  Phone: 206-684-8800

Email:debra.juarez@seattle.gov                                                Email:mike.obrien@seattle.gov


District 7 (Pioneer Square to Magnolia)                           Position 8 (Citywide)

Sally Bagshaw                                                                                  Tim Burgess

Phone:206-684-8801                                                                       Phone:206-684-8806

Email: sally.bagshaw@seattle.gov                                               Email: tim.burgess@seattle.gov


Position 9 (Citywide)

Lorena Gonzalez

Phone: 206-684-8802

Email: lorena.gonzalez@seattle.gov

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